Monday, January 17, 2011

Basement Rennovations

This is the bedroom on the left side (north east side) of the basement before we started demolition. You may not know it, but that popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, maybe I should have been wearing a mask.

Gettin' it done! PS dad gave me that chair and I love it! It is perfect for when I need to take a breather or for when Jean comes down to observe (what she calls "work").

Notice all that ugly paneling is gone, and the ceiling.

If you take a close look at the walls you will notice that they look white. We painted the exterior walls with a moisture sealant called "Dry-Lok." In this picture I am putting up the insulation...savin' the Benjamins baby.

The room on the right side (south east) before demolition.

Wall and ceiling gone!

Putting the sealant on the walls.

Here are some pictures of our improved cold storage. When I was little, I remember when grandma had this room literally dug out of the ground. When Jean and I first moved in, I hated this room, I though it was stinky and worthless; in fact, I wanted to just fill it in with dirt and be done with it. Boy am I glad we didn't.

Grandma had built some wooden shelves and had wooden paneling on the walls of this storage room. All of the wood material had been rotting for years and that is why it was so stinky. Jean and I spent a weekend getting rid of all the wood, once it was out, the smell improved quite a bit.

The main problem with the storage room was that there was moisture coming through the walls. Jeanette's parents came down and helped us seal the room with some Dry-Lok. After we did that, we had a contractor come in and install a moisture barrier system called "CleanSpace." Now, I love this room.

The basement is definitely a work in progress, but we are happy to be getting it done!


becca said...

welcome back to the blogging world!
wow....some seriously impressive work! You are amazing! I love the storage room and so organized and well prepared. way to go ripping down all the walls & ceilings. how did you do that?
I am sure the basement will look so awesome....just like the rest of the house!

DEBO said...


Dylan said...

fabu! nice work dude...u r an impressive man!

Misa S said...

Looks so good. I need to come over and see the glorious work in person! I would love a storage room like that! You have some serious Cambells soup to eat! Thanks for showing us how it is done!

michi said...

Whose child art thou?

Holley and Luke Burbank said...

oh my HALLELUJAH!! you are back to blogging. that basement looks like its coming along quite nicely. I wish us Burbanks were as handy as you Matsumoris!