Monday, January 17, 2011

Basement Rennovations

This is the bedroom on the left side (north east side) of the basement before we started demolition. You may not know it, but that popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, maybe I should have been wearing a mask.

Gettin' it done! PS dad gave me that chair and I love it! It is perfect for when I need to take a breather or for when Jean comes down to observe (what she calls "work").

Notice all that ugly paneling is gone, and the ceiling.

If you take a close look at the walls you will notice that they look white. We painted the exterior walls with a moisture sealant called "Dry-Lok." In this picture I am putting up the insulation...savin' the Benjamins baby.

The room on the right side (south east) before demolition.

Wall and ceiling gone!

Putting the sealant on the walls.

Here are some pictures of our improved cold storage. When I was little, I remember when grandma had this room literally dug out of the ground. When Jean and I first moved in, I hated this room, I though it was stinky and worthless; in fact, I wanted to just fill it in with dirt and be done with it. Boy am I glad we didn't.

Grandma had built some wooden shelves and had wooden paneling on the walls of this storage room. All of the wood material had been rotting for years and that is why it was so stinky. Jean and I spent a weekend getting rid of all the wood, once it was out, the smell improved quite a bit.

The main problem with the storage room was that there was moisture coming through the walls. Jeanette's parents came down and helped us seal the room with some Dry-Lok. After we did that, we had a contractor come in and install a moisture barrier system called "CleanSpace." Now, I love this room.

The basement is definitely a work in progress, but we are happy to be getting it done!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today is the big game! I have to admit, thanks to marrying a cougar, I now don't have the hatred for BYU as I have in the past. I even wore a BYU shirt to their last football game. I know, it was a big step! However today is a different story, all I can say is GO UTES!!
Derek loves BYU football and so does my coworker Devin. The last time Derek was in my office he saw a huge poster that Devin has hanging in his cubical and of course wanted one! Well he got it, and look where he hung it!!

Devin was really pushing to get it made for Derek before the big game today so no one would question what side of the fence we were on. Too bad I'm on the other side. Maybe I'll have to paint a big red U on it when they win today!!


I realized how much I really did like Gomes the day after I posted about him. That day Derek called me with some really bad news... Gomes had jumped out of his bowl and Derek found him all dried up on the floor! I was just glad that Derek had found him and not me. I actually felt bad and was really starting to like the little guy. I guess having Gomer was good for me. I now realize I could actually like having a pet, although now I don't know if it's the best idea!

R.I.P. Gomer! You were a good fish!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had been having a bad day and Derek told me one night that he was really excited because he had a great idea and wanted to get me a gift to cheer me up. The next day I came home from work to find something sitting on our table with a towel over it. With Derek you never know what is in store, but I think this definitely tops everything. I took the towel off to find...

a fish!! Well, let's just say I was a little shocked and i guess didn't act to excited. I'm not the biggest pet fan, and never though i would or even wanted to own a fish!
Derek was very encouraging and told me that I would only have to clean the bowl once a week. He kept telling me it was a good fish and I needed to give him a name and a chance.
Well.. I gave Gomer, aka Gomes, a chance and have actually grown to like him a bit. Derek even cleans the bowl for me. As Derek say's he is a good fish!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Derek's wish finally came true this Halloween. Ever since I have known him he has always wanted a gorilla costume. Well, this year, thanks to online shopping, Derek got a gorilla costume. The mask is a little deformed, but I guess that's what makes it great! And look at those feet... priceless! Who would have thought... a gorilla and Wonder Woman! What a match!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Tuesday before Halloween we had a pumpkin carving party at Doug & Michi's. Misa, Michi, & Grandma Sato had the hardest part, cleaning the pumpkins, almost finished when we got there. As always there was lots of great food and good times!

Derek & Jean's pumpkins! Can you guess who's is who's?

Michi gave me a great and easy caramel popcorn recipe.
I made it 3 times over the holiday!!
It definitely must be easy and good if I made it that many times!

Misa's amazing homemade doughnuts!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


If you have never been to the Logan Pumpkin Walk you are definitely missing out! I have been going ever since I was a little girl. It is basically a park full of different pumpkin displays. Everything is made of pumpkins! This year we went and couldn't believe how many people were there. Dattin and Zach's favorite was Batman! My favorite were these funny picture things at the end, especially Clifford!

Natalie, Zach, Derek, & Dattin with Clifford!

Who knew Zach would make such a great Snow White!

Yoda Dattin

Is Poo really checking out Cinderella?